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We operate from core values of Peace, Harmony, Authenticity, Fulfilling Lives, and Abundant Living.This culture is a platform from which our world can be actualized. Inside our world each and every person strives for:

  • Having Health Angelz be the leading multi-disciplinary health care company in the world
  • Providing access to resources that enable human performance, including people's health and well-being
  • Providing choice for each and every person to participate in our world
  • Experiencing satisfaction, fulfillment and empowerment
  • Having opportunities for advancement and learning
  • Sharing their desires and intentions so that they can create a life of their dreams

As we embark on this journey together, you will have the opportunity to contribute fully and actualize your dreams and desires, while experiencing living a happy and joyous life, with your complete participation.


Health Angelz is a leader in health, wellbeing and human performance providing Occupational Therapy Services and Consultation to individuals, groups and organizations.

Those who choose to be our partners are provided with the opportunity to perform at new levels in their day-to-day living, at home, at work, in the community and beyond.

As people participate continuously they are enabled through:

  • Creating an enablement pathway that works for each and every person
  • Working in partnership with us in achieving their specific and measurable goals
  • Treatment, education, knowledge, techniques, guidance and support
  • As occupational therapists we consider it to be a privilege and an honor to serve our community.

Each and every person whose lives we touch experiences a difference in their life.

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